In the table below, frequently asked questions of our customers are answered; you can learn even more about the e-vignette in other sections of this website. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our call centre for toll collection by telephone +386 (0)1 518 8 350 or by e-mail evinjeta@dars.si.  
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The electronic vignette is a digital version of the vignette, which has replaced the vignette in the form of a sticker. Therefore, the e-vignette does not need to be stuck on the vehicle and must be removed at the end of the period of validity.

E-vignettes are available for purchase in the online store and at physical points of sale (petrol stations and various vendors - the list is available here). When purchasing the e-vignette, you will need data on the registration plate number of the vehicle for which you are purchasing the e-vignette; when buying online, you will also need an e-mail and the selected non-cash method of payment (payment card).

All types of e-vignette can be purchased in advance, i.e. with a validity start date other than the date of purchase. The validity start date for individual e-vignettes can be set up to 30 days from the date of purchase. For example, an annual e-vignette can be purchased no more than 30 days prior to its entry into force (upon purchase, the date of its validity must be specified).

Each e-vignette is an individual item with a specified date of entry into force and validity end date. Pursuant to the legislation, it is not possible to extend the validity. When the validity of the e-vignette expires, you will need to purchase a new e-vignette for which the date of entry into force is specified anew.

When purchasing e-vignettes at Dars points of sale (DarsGo services), purchasing with an instalment plan is not possible. If you purchase an e-vignette at the points of sale of our authorised dealers, the payment policy depends on the respective dealer.

The annual e-vignette is valid for one year from the selected date. For example: an annual e-vignette with a selected validity start date of 15 April 2023 is valid up to and including 15 April 2024.

If you have selected or set the reminder option for a specific e-vignette, you will receive a notification unless you turn off the notification reminder. Each e-vignette is considered an individual "article"; if you choose the option to be informed about the expiry of e-vignette validity, you give your consent to this type of notification. If you do not withdraw your consent, the system will send you notifications in accordance with your selection, regardless of whether you have purchased a new e-vignette.

The registration plate number of the vehicle registered in Slovenia is to be entered without spaces, dashes or any other characters, for example: LJ03SAZ, NMAN195, KPRK403. The same applies for a registration plate that can be transferred from one vehicle to another (for example, NMLEPLA, KPPLUSOV, etc.). When entering the registration plate number, pay particular attention to the register area (i.e. LJ, KP, NM, KR, KK, SG, MB, GO, CE, MS or PO) and the correct characters and their sequence.

A similar rule applies to the registration plate number of vehicles registered in other countries, with the exception of Austria and Germany. Austrian and German registration plates must be entered with a hyphen instead of the coat of arms.

Dars cannot verify the exact reason for a failed payment; only the bank issuing the card can do this by contacting Bankart. The most common reason is that customers do not have the relevant bank application for online payment confirmation installed on their mobile phone, which is mandatory when purchasing an e-vignette. The following reasons are also possible: the credit limit has been exceeded, incorrect data such as the CVC code or card expiry date have been entered, etc. 

If you are purchasing an e-vignette via mobile phone and the transaction fails, the reason could also be that you closed the evinjeta.dars.si website during the online payment confirmation process in the bank application. In such a case, the purchase will not be carried out and the transaction will be cancelled. You must keep the evinjeta.dars.si website active in the background at all times until the purchase is completed.

In such a case, you must purchase the e-vignette again. Even though a successful payment was made via the online payment interface, the e-vignette was not created, which means that you do not have a valid e-vignette for your vehicle.

Please contact us by email at evinjeta@dars.si or call +386 1 518 8 350. We will deal with each case separately and return the overdrawn amount.. We will consider each case individually and return the overdrawn amount.

If you did not receive a password reset email, it is most likely that you have never registered in the online store and made any previous e-vignette online purchases as an unregistered customer. If you wish to become a registered user of the e-vignette portal, you should complete the registration from the start; however, you can also make the purchase as a non-registered customer.

We recommend that you always check your email spam, as many email providers automatically redirect generic messages so they never make it to your primary inbox.

No, the transfer to a different registration number cannot be made, as the e-vignette is not transferable pursuant to the applicable legislation.

When you sell your vehicle, you can request a refund of the unused value of the annual e-vignette (and semi-annual for motorbikes), if you have deregistered the vehicle from the record of registered motor vehicles and the new owner registers the vehicle under a different registration number. The request should be submitted no later than 30 days after vehicle deregistration.

If the new owner registers the vehicle with the same registration plates, the unused value may not be refunded; however, the e-vignette will continue to be valid for the registration plates until it expires.

The proportional value of weekly or monthly e-vignettes may not be refunded.

Your request will be promptly processed if it is submitted via the e-vignette online store, which requires registration. After registration, select the "dashboard" option (top right) and then click on the "my requests" tab and carry out all the necessary steps.

You can also send the request by e-mail to evinjeta@dars.si or with acknowledgement of receipt to the address Dars d.d., Dunajska cesta 7, 1000 Ljubljana, with the note "for e-vignette". Click HERE to read the full instructions.

This obligation is set by the Road Tolling Act, according to which the invoice for the purchase of the e-vignette is a mandatory enclosure with an application for the return of a proportional part of the e-vignette value. If it is not enclosed, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed, including for accounting reasons. If Dars approves the application, the indication of the invoice that the credit note refers to is mandatory.

A copy of the invoice may only be issued to you by the seller at the point of sale where the e-vignette was purchased. In order to obtain a copy of the invoice, please contact the support services of the individual seller. We advise you to prepare the data that the seller requires in order to find the invoice in the database and issue you a copy. The data includes the date and time of purchase of the e-vignette and the point of sale where you bought the e-vignette.

All this data can also be found on the e-vignette proof of purchase (the proof of the e-vignette purchase is a different document than the e-vignette purchase invoice). If you have lost this as well, please call +386 1 518 8 350, and we will agree on how we can provide you with a copy.

The e-vignette buyer may withdraw from the e-vignette purchase at any time before the e-vignette becomes valid and may claim a full refund. If your e-vignette is not yet valid, you can claim a refund of the amount paid. Withdrawal from the sales agreement is possible at the point of sale where you purchased your e-vignette (i.e. if you purchased the e-vignette from your local dealer, you cannot withdraw from the purchase through Dars). Withdrawal from the purchase after the e-vignette validity period starts is not possible.

If you have purchased an annual or semi-annual e-vignette for the wrong registration plate number, you should purchase an e-vignette of the same type for the correct registration plate number in order to use the toll roads. Following the purchase, send us a request for a refund of a proportional part of the wrongly purchased e-vignette value to evinjeta@dars.si. Describe the reasons for the mistake or error, and enclose copies of the purchase proofs and invoices for the purchase of both e-vignettes, i.e. the wrong and the correct ones. Indicate your data (name, surname, address and postcode) and your bank account number (IBAN).

Should the authorized persons grant your request, DARS will return a proportional part of the wrongly purchased e-vignette value to your bank account. However, the amount will be reduced by the fee for processing the application of EUR 6.

Requests for a proportional refund for wrongly purchased weekly or monthly e-vignettes will not be accepted or considered. In this case, you will need to purchase a new e-vignette with the correct registration number if you want to use the toll roads.

You can buy an e-vignette for any vehicle, including the vehicle of your partner, children, siblings or friends. However, you need to know the registration number of the vehicle and the toll-rate category that the vehicle is classified in. If you decide on such a purchase, please give the gift recipient the invoice and proof of e-vignette purchase that you receive with the purchase regardless of the sales channel.

The registration plates of the vehicle are monitored by cameras on the motorway network, at control points and in toll supervision vehicles. After the system has checked the vehicle for which an e-vignette has been purchased, this information is immediately erased from the system, meaning that there are no traces of the use of the toll road left in the system.

Using toll roads without a valid e-vignette is a violation of the Road Tolling Act and is penalised with a fine of EUR 300. The offence will be dealt with by authorized persons of the Police, the Financial Administration or Dars toll control.

The initiation of the procedure for the offence is within the competence of the authorized official. The procedure is initiated based on the detection of the offence i.e. the event recorded with a technical device or, in individual cases, detection by a police officer, a controller of the Financial Administration or a toll inspector.

The offender is notified by issuing a payment order sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt no later than one month after the offence was committed. As a rule, the procedure for an offence starts no later than 20 days from the date on which the offence was committed.

The action in response to a committed offence is exclusively the responsibility of the authorized official who conducts the procedure. If you commit an offence and use the toll road without a valid e-vignette, we advise you to purchase an e-vignette for the registration number of the vehicle with which you have committed the offence as soon as possible. Before issuing a payment order or later in the process of examining a request for judicial protection, the enforcement authority may consider the e-vignette purchase as a mitigating circumstance.

The easiest way to purchase e-vignettes for companies with a larger vehicle fleet is via the online store. After successful registration, you will be given the option to import the registration numbers of all your vehicles, for which you can purchase e-vignettes at the same time. You can choose immediate payment by debit or credit card or payment by bank transfer in line with the offer.

If you decide to make the purchase by quotation, please ensure that the payment is made in due time. In such a case, the earliest possible start date of the e-vignette validity is four working days after the date on which the quotation was created.

In the case of payment with a debit or credit card, you can choose immediate validity.

In the case of a larger number of test plates, ensure that the plates for which 2A or 2B vignettes are purchased are installed on vehicles of the relevant toll-rate category.

It is acceptable if the metal test plate for which a 2B toll-rate category vignette has been purchased is fitted to a vehicle within 2A toll-rate category, but not vice versa. If you use a metal test plate for which a 2A vignette has been purchased on a vehicle within 2B toll-rate category, it will be considered that no toll has been paid.

If you create the CSV file using Excel, enter the registration numbers of your vehicles in the first column, each in its own cell. Enter the registration numbers without spaces or special characters such as hyphens (example: KPRK403). In the second column, enter the country of registration (for vehicles registered in Slovenia, the SI code), and in the third column, optionally, the toll-rate category (2A or 2B). Save the file in CSV format and then upload it to the My Vehicles tab in your user account dashboard.

An example of a suitable record for importing a CSV file:


In such a case, you can purchase an e-vignette through any sales channel; however, you will need to know the registration number and toll-rate category of the winner’s vehicle. Please give the winner the invoice and proof of the e-vignette purchase that you receive when purchasing.

The Austrian vignette is available:

  • at the Hrušica toll station,
  • at the Gruškovje border crossing point, and
  • at the Obrežje border crossing point.

The price list for Austrian vignettes in EUR (incl. VAT)

 annual vignettetwo-month vignetteten-day vignetteone-day vignette
passenger cars and vehicles with a total permissible weight of up to 3.5 t96,4028,9011,508,60

More information about vignettes is available on the website of the Austrian motorway operator - ASFINAG.