List of measured vehicles


The vehicle's height above the front axle is the distance between the ground and the highest point of the vehicle in the plane passing perpendicularly through the front axle centreline, as shown in the picture above.

On this website, DARS regularly updates the list of all vehicle brands, models and types that are or were sold by vehicle dealers in the Republic of Slovenia and that belong in the second B toll class based on their manufacturing characteristics or prior measurements. The updates to the List of measured vehicles apply from the day the individual vehicle type is publicly included on the list.

If the e-vignette for such a type of a vehicle is purchased before the vehicle’s type is listed, the customer may use such an e-vignette until its validity expires..

If individual brands, models or types of vehicles are not on the List of measured vehicles, such vehicles are deemed to be in the 2A toll class.

If a brand, model or type of vehicle is listed after the customer purchases the e-vignette for the second A toll class, the customer with such an e-vignette may use the toll roads until the expiration of its validity. For the further use of the toll roads, the customer must obtain an e-vignette for the 2B toll class. 

For a vehicle in a 2B toll class to be classified in a lower toll-rate category due to modifications or reworks, an official measurement is required at the regular DARS measuring point, Grič 54, Ljubljana. The measurement result is entered in the e-vignette system; if the vehicle can actually be classified in a lower toll class, the customer receives the measurement certificate.

The vehicle measurement service is available from Monday to Friday in the morning business hours and until 2 p.m. To ensure a quick and uninterrupted measuring process, please call +386 (0)1 518 83 50 or send an e-mail to and let us know the preferred time to measure your vehicle.

The measuring process of the vehicle's height above the front axle

DARS takes measurements of all vehicles permitted for traffic and brought in by their owners for measuring, with a certified measuring device (made by: LOTRIČ meroslovje, d.o.o.) at its regular measuring point in Ljubljana, Grič 54. With the measuring (results), the tolerance of the certified measuring device and any possible deviations from the optimum conditions for measuring a vehicles’ height is considered.

Meritev vozil
The measurement of the vehicle is performed by an authorized
 person of DARS with a certified measuring device. 

Vehicle modifications and reworks are taken into account with individual approvals of reworked vehicles that were certified by the competent technical service by their entry into an existing declaration of the vehicle's conformity or into the approval of the vehicle registration in line with the motor vehicle regulations.

The requisite measuring conditions to determine a vehicles’ height: vehicles need to be measured pursuant to point 6.3 of the SIST ISO 612-2000 standard and the general provisions of this standard relevant for the vehicles’ height measurement (measuring on a flat surface, measuring vehicles normally equipped for the intended use, the tyre pressure defined for the vehicle load up to its maximum permissible weight, unloaded vehicle in a working condition), and the provisions of the technical specifications for determining the weight and dimensions of certain motor vehicle and trailer categories (TSV-148 – excluding antennas and pantographs).



List of measured vehicles