Modifying the e-vignette data

After buying the e-vignette, some of its data can be modified or corrected. The option to correct the data depends on whether or not the e-vignette’s validity has already started. 

It is not possible under any circumstances, however, to change the type of the purchased e-vignette and its toll class.

To modify the data, you need the vehicle's registration plate number and the ID number of the e-vignette linked to this vehicle (it is located on the proof of purchase). The customer confirms any modification and accuracy of the new information by signing the Information Confirmation Form or by confirming the e-form in the online shop. Only then will the changes apply. 

E-vignettes before their validity period

If upon the purchase, the customer selected a start date for the e-vignette’s validity other than the date of purchase, some of the e-vignette's information can be modified until the start of its validity. At any time in this period, it is possible to freely change the registration plate number that your e-vignette is linked to, and it is also possible to change the start date of its validity.

Registered customers can make these modifications in our online shop or at the place of purchase.

If you change the registration plate number that the e-vignette will be linked to, check whether the toll class of the new vehicle is the same. If not, a new e-vignette for the right toll class is needed.

E-vignettes in their validity period


The correction of data for e-vignettes purchased through the website and for which the customer has determined immediate validity is not possible. However, if the purchase was made at a DARS point of sale or an authorized e-vignette seller, it is possible to correct errors in the registration number within 15 minutes of purchase. Corrections are only possible at the point of sale where customers purchased the e-vignette.

We recommend that you always carefully check the entered data of the registration number of the vehicle for which you are purchasing e-vignette, the toll class of the vehicle, the type and date of the e-vignette validity start, before confirming the purchase. Incorrect data can lead to a violation of toll legislation, for which a fine of 300 EUR or 500 EUR is prescribed, depending on the type of offence committed.

Correction of the registration number data for e-vignettes determined valid immediately after purchase is only possible within 15 minutes of the purchase, if the e-vignette was purchased at the point of sale. In the case of an online purchase, it is not possible to correct the data of valid e-vignettes.