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Buy your yearly e-vignette online and take part in the prize game. The lucky winners will receive a refund of the total purchase price.

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What is an e-vignette?

An e-vignette is a modern toll payment method for motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3500 kg. The basic characteristics of the e-vignette are not very different from the classic vignette in the form of a sticker. This means that by purchasing the e-vignette, you get the right to use all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia for the e-vignette validity period and the toll is not paid based on the distance driven.

Vehicles without a valid e-vignette may not enter a toll road.

The e-vignette is linked to the vehicle registration plate number. When purchasing the e-vignette, you need to enter the correct registration plate number and country of your vehicle registration, and choose an e-vignette for the right toll class. If the registration number in the e-vignette system does not match the registration plate number of the vehicle driving on the motorway or expressway, the toll is not deemed to be paid. The customer is responsible for entering a correct registration plate number and selecting an appropriate toll class.

E-vignette types, toll classes and prices

Toll class 1

The first toll class includes single-track motor vehicles (e.g. motorbikes). Single-track motor vehicles are all vehicles with a track up to 50 centimetres wide. You can use a measuring tape or a tailor meter to measure the track from one outer edge to the other.

Single-track motor vehicles

Toll class 2A

The 2A toll class includes vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of up to 3500 kg and a height above the front axle of up to 1.3 metres (most passenger cars, minivans, terrain vehicles, SUVs and pick-ups).

Two-track motor and caravan vehicles

Toll class 2B

The 2B toll class includes vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of up to 3500 kg and a height above the front axle of more than 1.3 metres (most of the multi-purpose vehicles and light trucks).

Two-track vehicles with height above front axle 1,3 m or more


Which toll class applies to my vehicle?

Would you like to find out which toll class you need for your e-vignette? Use our tool to determine the right toll class. Select from the dropdown list the brand and model of your vehicle. If your vehicle is not listed, the 2A toll class applies.

Take advantage of the many benefits, register!

By registering, you will create your personal e-vignette user account and get the possibility to manage your e-vignettes. You can add e-vignettes to your profile, even if not bought online. All you need is the e-vignette's ID number, which is printed on the receipt of purchase, and the registration plate number the e-vignette is linked to. This brings you many advantages, including:


SMS reminders

Turn on reminders about e-vignette expiration, notices on the start of the validity period and other information related to your e-vignette. You can receive the information by e-mail, SMS or both. The service is free of charge.


Take part in the prize game

To take part in the prize game, provide your consent upon registration or in your existing e-vignette user account. One hundred lucky yearly e-vignette buyers will receive a refund of the total purchase price. MORE


Convenient for companies

For greater convenience, companies managing a large number of vehicles can import a list of the vehicles’ licence plate numbers and buy e-vignettes for the entire fleet in one step, while keeping a record of the e-vignette purchase for all vehicles.


Request a quotation

Registered customers can request a quotation before buying the e-vignette and use a debit or credit card as a method of payment. The payment is made by a bank transfer using an online bank or personally in a bank branch office. It is possible to pay for a larger number of vehicles at the same time when paying upon quotation. MORE


Have access to proofs of purchase and invoice copies

Access copies of the receipts of purchase for the e-vignettes anytime, regardless of the place of purchase. When purchased online, you also get access to the e-vignette invoice copies.


Transfer the e-vignette access rights

Did you buy the e-vignette for your mother, brother or partner? The right to access the e-vignette information can be transferred to another registered customer in the online shop at any time, allowing that customer to manage the reminders and other functionalities of the online shop.


Send us your requests online

An easy way to send us refund claims for a proportional e-vignette value and other applications. The processing of your requests will be quicker, more convenient and economical. Forget about sending the documents using the time-consuming ordinary mail.

Contact us

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the e-vignette? Please use the e-form below to send us your request. Be specific about your query and the subject of your request.


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Call Center

Our staff in the Call Center will provide advice concerning any questions you might have with purchase and usage of the e-vignette.

E-vignettes in other EU member states

If you need an e-vignette to use the motorways in other EU member states, we advise you to purchase it on the official website of the road operator in that country.



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